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Mobile Trading
Trade wherever you are, whenever you want with HighOption Mobile Trading Platform! Don’t miss out opportunities when you are stuck at the traffic, our innovative mobile trading platform offers all of the features you need to profit on the go.

In HighOption, we’re well aware that the most important thing for the binary options traders is seizing the market opportunities, and, therefore, we provide all traders with mobile trading platform. Even the painful rush hours will become a time to profit, thanks to HighOption mobile trading platform!

It’s a fact that not everybody trading in the financial markets have the chance to spend hours in front of a computer. However, when you trade binary options with HighOption platform, you will have the freedom of choice to pick your most preferred platforms according to your personal needs. Our mobile trading platform was developed to be suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems, and no matter if you have an access to a computer or not, you can seize the market opportunities and turn the latest news into profits wherever you are, whenever you want.

HighOption mobile trading platform was developed with the highest technologies in the industry, and is accessible from all over the world. Knowing that you are earning real profits with real market data and that your account is always protected with the latest security applications, your mind will always be at ease while you execute trading and banking transactions via our mobile application.

Not a HighOption trader yet? You can click here to create an account now; our trading experts will be more than happy to guide you in your first steps.

Download HighOption Mobile Trading Platform:
HighOption Academy
Binary Options Trade
HighOption Academy
Do you want to make money? First, you need to learn how! Trading experts in HighOption Academy provide all traders with free Binary Options Training.

Are you ready to trade like a pro? Established by a team of former traders, HighOption believes that Binary Options Training is the first step required to become a successful trader in the global financial markets. From basic skills and various trading strategies to economic indicators and technical analysis, free lessons cover all topics which you need to learn to gain a profitable approach in the markets.

Whether you are a novice trader or a professional trader, it is not easy to know what kind of point of view is required to make profitable decisions. If you know how to read the financial information while using binary options trading system, earning money would become as easy as eating food.
Trader’s E-Book
Everything has its manual! Your new favorite, HighOption Trader’s E-Book will give you the satisfaction of conquering the financial markets while exploring the exciting and profitable world of binary options.

HighOption Trader’s E-Book is waiting for you! Contact your trading expert immediately to receive a free copy of the best trader guide in the markets.
Binary Options Training
Binary Options Training is provided by the trading experts in the HighOption Academy and covers every topic that is essential to earn in the financial markets. Register now and contact your trading expert to start learning how to make money!

-       Binary Options Training
-       Basic Market Information
-       How to Trade?
-       How to Monitor the Markets?
-       Early Closure
-       Basic Trading Strategies
-       Professional Trading Strategies
-       Trading Assets and Trading Hours
-       Economic Calendar and Indicators
-       Fundamental Analysis
-       Technical Analysis
HighOption Webinars are the online trading seminars which will allow you to receive more detailed information and answers to your questions directly from market experts.

HighOption Webinars are conducted in certain days of the week. Please contact your trading expert to learn more about webinars and to book yourself.
Binary Options Assets
Profit on globally famous stocks more like a shareholder do! Ranging from Google in the US to Baidu in China, HighOption brings you the most popular and most lucrative stocks in the world.
Boost your portfolio by trading the most important economic data in the world: Indices! S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei and many other indices wait for you to profit on HighOption platform.
HighOption presents EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and many other lucrative currency pairs. Start trading with HighOption and earn up to 89% profit on each binary option.
Gold, Silver, and Oil are now in demand more than ever! Trade the most sought after commodities on HighOption trading platform with varying expiries starting from only 60 seconds.