All deposits, withdrawals, and charges will be included on credit card statements under www.highoption.com.All bank wire transfer and Liberty Reserve payments are made to/from Mika Holdings Inc.

Dormant Accounts
Accounts are defined as dormant if no login is registered during a six month period. Customers whose accounts are close to being defined as dormant will be notified by e-mail. Should an account reach the dormant state it will begin to incur a handling charge of 10% of the account balance per month. Login to the account after the start of the dormant payments will reactivate the account but will not entitle the customer to any refund of handling fees already levied.

Account bonus cannot be withdrawn until the bonus becomes part of the account balance. The conditions under which this occurs are defined by marketing campaigns run by HighOption™ and subject to change.
To view the full terms and conditions, please visit Bonus Terms and Conditions

All financial transactions made with HighOption™ are fully secured using SSL (secure socket layer) technology. For further information please visit Security and Privacy page.