Introduction to Withdrawals

In order to withdraw funds you must have the requested funds in your account. Withdrawal requests may be made by accessing the banking page from the main menu bar. You will need to be logged in to access this section.

Withdrawals will always initially be made back to the original deposit source. Money that cannot be paid to the funding source will be transferred to a bank account held in the name of the account holder.

Withdrawals may result in cancellation of customer bonuses awarded by HighOption™ which have not been wagered and converted to part of the trading balance.

Withdrawals will only be made to accounts that have completed the verification process.

How to Withdrawal

The withdrawal section of the Banking page may be accessed by selecting the withdrawal tab from the Banking Page Menu.

Step 1: Enter the amount for withdrawal and then click on the next button

Step 2: This step is dependent upon the withdrawal method.If all the requested amount can be returned to a credit card then all that is required is to click on the withdraw button to complete the process.

In the event that the requested amount requires a supplementary withdrawal method (e.g. wire transfer) other than return to the depositing credit card then click on the next button to continue, enter the wire details and then click on the withdraw button to complete the process.

Withdrawal Currency

Withdrawal currency is the trading currency which you had selected for your account during the registration process. Withdrawals are only allowed in the trading currency selected as part of the registration process.

Withdrawal Methods

Requests for withdrawal will be processed by HighOption™ back to the original fund source. Withdrawals will be processed to the funding credit or debit card, bank account, Liberty Reserve account or MoneyBookers accounts used to deposit funds.

Withdrawals on deposits made by Western Union or MoneyGram will be paid by a wire transfer to a bank account held in the name of the depositing customer.

In a case where the value of a withdraw request to a credit card exceeds the value of the amount deposited by credit card, the remaining value will be transferred by wire transfer to a bank account held in the name of the depositing customer. See Supplemental Wire Withdrawal section.

In order to comply with anti-money laundering policies, highoption™ requires all accounts to be verified before first time withdrawal. Customers will be notified by Email regarding documentation required. Withdrawals will not be processed on accounts that are not completely verified.

Supplemental Wire Withdrawal

In the event that a requested withdrawal exceeds the amount deposited through the deposit method, the balance of the withdrawal will be transferred by wire transfer. The normal minimum value for a supplemental wire withdrawal is 100 USD, EUR or GBP. Lower values will be returned to the account balance except in the case of an account closure (see account closure under the other section of the banking page).

Withdrawal Charges

One withdrawal per month is allowed free of charge. Additional withdrawals are liable to a withdrawal fee of 30 USD, EUR or GBP depending on the trading currency.

All wire transfers made by HighOption are made using the “share” charges method where corresponding bank charges are borne by the receiving party.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount in HighOption

There is no minimum amount for a withdrawal to credit card, Liberty Reserve or MoneyBookers.

For wire withdrawals the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD, EUR or GBP.


Withdrawals are processed by HighOption™ only to accounts which have been fully verified by the risk management department. Customers will be notified in the event that documentation is required for processing. Please refer to the verification section under deposits for more details of documentation required.

Withdrawals require all credit cards used to deposit with highoption to be in verified status.

#All credit cards must be fully verified

Withdrawal Span

Withdrawal requests received by highoption™ for a verified account are normally processed within 36 hours of the request.

Withdrawal requests received by highoption™ for a non-verified account are normally processed within 36 hours of receipt of the verifying documents.

Withdrawal Cancellation

Pending withdrawals may be canceled from the pending requests section accessible from the banking tab. Canceling a withdrawal will return the withdrawal amount to the balance available for trading.

All withdrawal requests in pending state (awaiting documents) will be automatically canceled by HighOption™ after 14 days and the amount returned to the customer balance.